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This summer. A Matter Of Life. What else can we expect from you. The Star Wars Archive Lights! Rare images from the Star Wars photo archives. Daisy Ridley. John Boyega.


Pinewood Studios. The Force Awakens. I wanted Jyn to be as human as possible. Why does she agree to work for the Rebellion and look for her father?

How did you hear about the role of Jyn Erso? Felicity Jones: I had a call from my agent saying there was this part that she thought I would be very excited about. Bashing stormtroopers on the head without any feelings of guilt. This could be a fascinating way to work. For all of us. He was explaining the story to me and who Jyn was.

She despises it. I thought. I hope that comes across in the way I played her. I immediately felt that we were like spies having this top-secret conversation. We met at a hotel restaurant.

You have to get through things. Whenever Jyn sees Imperial stormtroopers. Immediately from that conversation. It all came from Jyn. Jyn is a complicated character. Jyn hates the Empire. A prisoner of the rebels. Even if the world is Star Wars. What was his original vision? Gareth wanted the movie rooted in authenticity. It was all happening in front of us. I remember early on looking at a test screening of Jyn and Cassian.

It truly is something new and has freshness to it. Like all human beings. What do you like best about Rogue One?

One of the things I really like about Rogue One is it has an independent feel to it.

Gareth and I felt early on that we wanted her to be a human. Whenever we did scenes. Jyn forged true connections with the people around her. He said they needed to chuck some mud at them. They achieved everything together. I remember we were looking at imagery of stormtroopers. At the beginning.

I have to say it was hard work. How important is it that Jyn be a role model for women? With Jyn. I thought that was great. She was used to pushing through life. He wanted to bring that reality to it.

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He wanted the sense that the stormtroopers were at war. It was all for a good purpose. That comes down to every detail. As much as possible. There were days and days of sand being thrown in my face.

He wanted the audience to absolutely feel like they could be there. Mission nearly complete? He likes to try out different things.

I was watching some sequences with him in them. I really found working with him a good experience. You always felt like that with Mads. He brought such warmth and humanity to the role. Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen brought so much heart and humanity. At that point when they meet. It felt on Rogue One like everyone had such fervor for the characters they played. I like when someone is prepared and does the work. And he has such warmth. He has some real skills. Forest is so brilliant technically.

I had a fantastic time with him. Ben is an actor who will never do anything in a stereotypical. When Jyn and Saw meet [on Jedha]. He brings such nuance and complexity to his acting.

Not having her parents around. He had such charm. You can see Jyn is trying to forge her own way. Working with him. Throwing different lines in that cracked us up. We did a scene once. Saw gave her the ability to do that. He tried different things during every single take. He would be improvising all the time. You could almost think he was your friend. In many respects. He has that twinkle and that charm that all good baddies should have.

I feel speechless Felicity Jones in Imperial disguise. Several presented in production order. A glance at this list will reveal some S tar Wars: Do you count budgets allocated to each episode. As a result. All of these example. The Clone Wars was the shakedown season.

Gha Nachkt Asajj Ventress. If you add up the half-hour installments Season Four. Ron Perlman as with reinforcements and duels with into the Hutt kidnapping plot. Season 1. Tim Burns. Trivia-minded fans may wonder where than aired. Obi-Wan Kenobi arrives undertakes her own investigation face off against Asajj Ventress. Do you mean keeping statistics to track resources and episodes as more seasons air.

These four episodes..

And milestone. Steven Anakin and his new apprentice battle. Or do you mean the th episode broadcast? Or perhaps you mean the th production season of episodes: Episode is the second produced for Season One.

To stay are many points of view that can shape the ever. George Roman Samilski Director: Dave Bullock Director: Rob Coleman Written by: Steven Melching Written by: Henry Gilroy Director: Dave Filoni Written by: George Krstic Additional Dialogue by: Tracy Additional Dialogue by: Tracy Written by: Justin Ridge in others. Episode 3 Gilroy. Henry Gilroy Jedi cruiser to rescue him. Episode 4 Dave Bullock taken hostage by General Grievous.

Written by: Kevin Rubio. Steven Melching Production Number: Atsushi Takeuchi Anakin. Season 2. Ron Perlman as Gha Nackht Tim Burns Written by: Episode 5 Production Number: Episode 9 Broadcast Number: Dave Filoni to trial.

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Episode 10 Amidala from capture your head. Episode 2 Broadcast Number: Season 1 premiere who see it through. Rob Coleman Director: Henry An attack by a devastating Separatist Guest-starring: Jesse Yeh Broadcast Number: Episode 7 Paul Dini Director: Rob Coleman but of conviction. Kevin Campbell. Broadcast Number: Production Number: Star Wars: Rogue One: Season n 1. Season 1 Finale. Henry Gilroy Gilroy. Episode 18 investigates a Separatist conspiracy recapture Geonosis.

Episode 15 6. Season Seaso son 2. Episode 22 The fatal Blue Shadow S virus has Guest-starring: Guest-starr infected Ahsoka. Steven Melching Director: Giancarlo Volpe Director: Steward Lee Written by: Eoghan Mahony Written by: Drew Z. Jesse Yeh bio-weapons lab bio-weapo Written by:: Brian Larsen on Naboo. Gianc Director: Giancarlo carlo Volpe Episode 16 Episode 4 4. Lighting and FX Supervisor.

Steward Lee Director: Melinda Hsu Written by: Brian Larsen Broadcast Number: Episode 5 Written Wriitten by: Clone on the icy planet Orto Plutonia.

Disguised as a clone cadet. Episode 14 than trust. Cassie Cryar. Episode 15 jeopardize the future.

Star Wars Insider Special Edition - 2018 UK

S Season 2. Greenberg Satine of Mandalore. Episode 6 Episode 7 4. Satine and to divert new enemy super tanks. Greenberg Luminara and Anakin act as decoys the help of an ancient Jedi to track hostage and tortured by General On Coruscant.

Writt Written by: Jaime King as a daring rescue plan. Greenberg Director: Giancarlo Volpi Written by: Brian Larsen When a wily pickpocket steals Written by: Ben Edlund Director: Episode pisode 12 Production Number: Geonosian warriors.

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Episode 9 Production Number: Jon Favreau R2-D2 tto battle his way back to person responsible. Episode 11 Kyle Dunlevy unlevy truest test. Melinda da Hsu While investigating rumors mors of a Direc Director: Episode 21 Obi-Wan try to expose the while Padawans Barriss Offee and her honor.

Episode 8 Written by: Doug Petrie Broadcast Number: Giancarlo Volpe Written by: Steward Lee Production Number: Steward Lee Guest-starring: Daniel Logan as follow. Steven Melching kidnapped and held for ransom. Katie Lucas. Kyle Dunlevy Director: Dave Filoni beast within. Season 3. Steven Melching.

Ahsoka is class at a leadership academy on Kamino. Seth Se Green as Gianca Giancarlo Volpe Written by: Cameron Litvack Written by: Kyle Dunlevy skills. Episode 22 Broadcast Number: Num umber 50 October Papano Anakin and Obi-Wan lead plagued by recurring visions of Aurra Sing.

Carl Ellsworth Written by: Craig Titley Eoghan Mahoney Anakin. Episode 3 Production Number: Ion Papanoida.

Jaime King as Aurra Sing. Episode 17 Steven Melching Drew Z. Episode 18 Broadcast Number: Season Seas ason 3. Season Broadcast Number: Qui-Gon Jinn. Pernilla August as Shmi Skywalker. Kyle Dunlevy surrenders life. Episode 14 Production Number: Guest-starring Liam Neeson as an artifact that can stop the Son.

Asajj Ventress Hutt tries to lay low on Nal Hutta. Episode 12 Ziro the Dooku. Episode 15 Broadcast Number: Episode 8 Broadcast Number: First appearance of upgraded of the prophesized Chosen One.

Episode 13 Director: Cameron Litvack specter of fear. Duwyane Dunham Directed by: Kyle Dunlevy down the mysterious Savage Opress. Daniel Arkin Director: Christian Taylor Director: Clancy Brown as Savage Opress. Episode 5 Episode 11 Broadcast Number: Episode 16 for failure. Satine investigate a sinister plot Written by: Daniel Arkin Written by: Katie Lucas as the monstrous Sith apprentice involving poisoned tea. Episode 10 Peter Mayhew for being the heart and soul of Chewbacca.

This was at one point to be the Separatist attack. Bonnie Mark As Ahsoka and her youngling Director: Matt Michnovetz hunters. Dave Filoni Director: Christian Taylor Written by: Bonnie Mark Written by: Steve Mitchell. Season 4. Episode 19 Director: The on a Trandoshan moon. Season 4 Premiere Director: Matt Michnovetz is hollow. Chewbacca the Wookiee.

Episode 20 Broadcast Number: Episode 22 Production Number: Craig The Son renews his efforts to convert Ahsoka and a group of abducted Because they bear a strong Van Sickle Anakin to the dark side. Steward Lee Ahsoka Tano —launch a risky Written by: Matt Michnovetz Director: Danny Keller Director: Duwayne Dunham attempt to free a captive Jedi With their escape ship destroyed.

Henry Gilroy. Episode 9 Director: Episode 10 Broadcast Number: Episode 8 Writtenn by: Danny Keller Direc Steven Melching Zygerrian slavers are behind the sudden disappearance of a colony on Kiros.

Episode 2 Anakin Skywalker and his Jedi Anakin is forced to temporarily turn Realizing there is a better plan than team have been overrun by the Separatists on Mon Calamari. Episode 12 Production Number: As Ahsoka and Anakin rush to defuse a series of bombs planted by the slavers.

Kyle Dunlevy Written by: Lee-Char must hold out until Gungan reinforcements arrive. Based on a previously published Dark Horse Comics story. Walter Murchrch aggressive essive comm co commander. Obi-Wan and Director: Jose Molina Written by: Matt Michnovetz Written by: Matt Michnovetz slavers of Zygerria. Chris Collins criminal fugitives.

Steward Lee Fleeing across the galaxy with to preside over a public ceremony. Episode 2 Director: Katie Lucas Written by: Brent Friedman Director: Brent Friedman of bounty hunters under the plot to kidnap the Chancellor.

Episode 22 Bonteri from making a big Director: Steward Lee mistake. Season 5. General my friend. Dooku junk planet of Lotho Minor. Katie Lucas Pre Vizsla. Bosco Ng Written by: Brent Friedman The Chancellor travels to Naboo long-lost brother.

Daniel Logan as will participate in a plot to kidnap travel to Onderon to train local Boba Fett the Chancellor. Dave Filoni Wan goes deep undercover as a a brutal competition with other Guest-starring: Daniel Logan as Written by: Kyle Dunlevy Christian Taylor hold onto the future. Episode 16 vanquished. Episode 20 Episode 21 Production Number: He seeks out vengeance Written by: The disguised Obi-Wan enlists in leadership of Boba Fett.

Bosco Ng your enemies closer. Episode 18 but the reconciled one is truly Production Number: Danny Keller The dark warrior Savage Opress in its possibility. Ahsoka Tano tries to stop Lux Savage and Maul. Cad Bane. Jon Favreau as Dathomir. Supervised by Ahsoka. Christian Taylor Broadcast Number: Originally With Ahsoka captured by slated to air at the start of Season n Hondo.

Christian Ta Taylor ayylo loor decisive blow. Episode 8 Fueled by vengeance and rage. Episode 6 September Chris Collins As a full-scale revolt embroils Director: Bosco Ng g Onderon. About the author I'm a big fan of the original Star Wars Trilogy. Plinkett's Phantom Menace review Mr. The Empire Strikes Back: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection: You have already voted in this poll. Your vote has been registered. Total Votes: Bad for accuracys the gure.

From her subtle glances as shes brought into sake, obviously, but good because I can still be an unspoiled fan in the Massassi temple to her line, This is a Rebellion, isnt it? I rebel. When we hear that line in the trailer, its as a voiceover He had a similar situation when he created art for Star Wars: The on top of the ght scene depicted in the poster.

Shes beating Force Awakens. He said he learned lessons from that assignment: stormtroopers with a baton! And her motions are so aggressive In that project, I attempted to use my sleuthing skills in putting and follow through so complete.

She is clearly going to be a together an ultimate scene. I used objects in different scenes like skilled and condent hero, Hayford explained.

The rst batch the Jakku fence line around the shipyard to draw conclusions about of reference photos I received appeared to be photos from ght the layout of the location. In the end, I found out I was wrongI had rehearsals.Amand Joe Johnston. His directions to the actors usually consisted of the words "faster" and "more intense".

Dooku junk planet of Lotho Minor. I worked on Little Big Man Forest is so brilliant technically.

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