This course covers a wide range of topics that cover Open Hole formation evaluation and cased hole production logging and reservoir monitoring. The course. Formation Evaluation Using from cased hole logs rather than openhole logs is a little like When production results are available they show 30% to. Cased Hole and Production Log Evaluation - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Cased Hole And Production Log Evaluation Pdf

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Cased Hole and Production Log Evaluation provides long-awaited information on the uses of cased hole logging tools in the following. Cased Hole and Production Log Evaluation [James Smolen Ph. D.] on site. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This title details the operation and. This book addresses vital issues, such as the evaluation of shale gas reservoirs and their production. Topics include the cased-hole logging environment.

Authors view affiliations Richard M.

Front Matter Pages i-xvi. Pages Cased-Hole Logging Environment. Reservoir Fluid Properties.

Cased-Hole Log Analysis and Reservoir Performance Monitoring

Flow Regimes. Radioactive Tracer Logs.

Fluid Identification. Temperature Logging.

Noise Logging. A higher sample rate of data is recorded into memory and retrieved when the drillstring is withdrawn at bit changes. High-definition downhole and subsurface information is available through networked or wired drillpipe that deliver memory quality data in real time.

These advanced technical methods use non destructive technologies as ultrasonic, electromagnetic and magnetic transducers. There are some advantages and disadvantages to this memory option.

The tools can be conveyed into wells where the trajectory is deviated or extended beyond the reach of conventional Electric Wireline cables. This can involve a combination of weight to strength ratio of the electric cable over this extended reach.

In such cases the memory tools can be conveyed on Pipe or Coil Tubing. The type of sensors are limited in comparison to those used on Electric Line, and tend to be focussed on the cased hole,production stage of the well. Although there are now developed some memory "Open Hole" compact formation evaluation tool combinations.

2 - OGE - Oil & Gas

These tools can be deployed and carried downhole concealed internally in drill pipe to protect them from damage while running in the hole, and then "Pumped" out the end at depth to initiate logging. Other basic open hole formation evaluation memory tools are available for use in "Commodity" markets on slickline to reduce costs and operating time.

In cased hole operation there is normally a "Slick Line" intervention unit. This uses a solid mechanical wire 0. Memory operations are often carried out on this Slickline conveyance in preference to mobilizing a full service Electric Wireline unit.

Cased Hole Log Interpretation Principles/Applications

Open hole: A general overview of open hole logging to obtain porosity, lithology and water saturation. Open hole log data and essential as an input into cased hole log evaluation. Reservoir monitoring: Resistivity measurements behind the casing is also presented for conductive casings steel and non-conductive casings plastic, fibre-glass.

Cement evaluation will also be covered in details using Ultrasonic and acoustic logging. Permanent temperature fibre glass sensors will also be presented.

Finally corrosion theory and measurements will be presented indetails outlining the different tools used.On land locations e.

The main advantage of sidewall coring over full coring are that it is cheaper drilling doesn't have to be stopped and multiple samples can be easily acquired, with the main disadvantages being that there can be uncertainty in the depth at which the sample was acquired and the tool can fail to acquire the sample. Neither of these are moveable in the NMR sense, so these volumes are not easily observed on older logs.

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One parameter a typical mud log displays is the formation gas gas units or ppm. The type of sensors are limited in comparison to those used on Electric Line, and tend to be focussed on the cased hole,production stage of the well. Failure during recording is not known until the memory tools are retrieved.

Reservoir monitoring:

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