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The Bridge Of San Luis Rey Book

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The Bridge of San Luis Rey is American author Thornton Wilder's second novel, first published The first few pages of the first chapter of The Bridge of San Luis Rey explain the book's basic premise: this story centers on a (fictional) event that . The Bridge of San Luis Rey Enlarge Book Cover "On Friday noon, July the twentieth, , the finest bridge in all Peru broke and. Overview To know a book, you have only to read it closely. At first glance, his novel The Bridge of San Luis Rey and his play Our Town may appear to have.

Yes, I think so.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey

I have become aware of it myself only recently. Those ideas seem to have prompted my work before I realized it. Now, at my age, I am amused by the circumstance that what is now conscious with me was for a long time latent. One of those ideas is this: This preoccupation came out in my work before I realized it.

Even Our Town , which I now see is filled with it, was not so consciously directed by me at the time. At first glance, the play appears to be practically a genre study of a village in New Hampshire. I think I write in order to discover on my shelf a new book that I would enjoy reading, or to see a new play that would engross me. Skip to main content.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey

An Interview with Thornton Wilder For more than 50 years, the Paris Review has published interviews with great writers from around the world. Wilder, why do you write?

Is there some final statement you would wish to make about the novel? Was the collapse of the bridge an accident, or was there intention? How does the framing of the novel—a story examining an event years prior—affect your reading? What does the passage of time add to our understanding of the characters?

Wilder had not been to Peru when he wrote The Bridge. How does his choice of detail and language heighten the sense of atmosphere and the believability of the characters? Why might Wilder have written The Bridge as a novel rather than a play? What aspects of the story are more appropriate to fiction than to drama?

The Bridge of San Luis Rey

Does it teach a lesson? If so, what are we supposed to learn from the book? Does The Bridge have a hero? A villain? If so, what characteristics define these roles?

The Bridge of San Luis Rey

How do these relationships conform to or deviate from your idea of family? Why does the Perichole reject Uncle Pio? Are they justified in their rejections? How might they feel after the deaths of the Marquesa and Uncle Pio? The Bridge is known for its aphoristic writing. May : Allison, Ann C.

Another Bridge. Evening Bulletin 17 February , sec. Brickell, Herschel. Christensen, Peter G. Martin Blank. Connolly, Cyril. Dodd, Wilson. Goodman, Lanie. Kinninmont, Kenneth.

The novel is set in Lima, Peru, in the golden age of the 18th-century Spanish colonial empire. Brother Juniper, a witness to the tragedy, dedicates himself to discovering why those five perished. The book sold out almost immediately.

By the time it was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in , it had already been through 17 printings and had sold nearly , copies. The success of The Bridge allowed Wilder to resign his position at the Lawrenceville School to write and lecture full time.

Today, The Bridge remains a perennial favorite. Her desperation finds expression in beautiful letters that show a deep sensitivity, a vivid intelligence, and a heart breaking for the smallest kindness.

Renowned for her beauty in her youth, she gains the favor of the court and the devotion of Uncle Pio. When her beauty is decimated by smallpox, she becomes reclusive. When his influence becomes overbearing, she rejects him. Years later, he still comes to her aid. Esteban, another orphan raised by the Abbess, attempts suicide after the death of his twin brother, Manuel.

He is setting out for a new life on the high seas when the bridge collapses and he falls to his death. Amos Wilder was a man of intellect and ambition. Having earned a PhD from Yale University in political economy, Amos became a well-known public speaker and the owner and editor of the Wisconsin State Journal. This environment of international education and an appreciation for the arts nurtured all the Wilder children.

Isabella Wilder and the children lived in China briefly before settling in Berkeley, California. Thornton attended college at Oberlin College and Yale, after which he studied archaeology at the American Academy in Rome.

Wilder volunteered to serve in both World Wars. His military honors include the Legion of Merit and the Bronze Star. Even after the success of The Bridge of San Luis Rey made a day job unnecessary, he continued to teach when interesting opportunities arose.

During the s, he taught courses in classics and composition at the University of Chicago and served as the Charles Eliot Norton Professor of Poetry at Harvard University in An Interview with Thornton Wilder For more than 50 years, the Paris Review has published interviews with great writers from around the world. The following is excerpted from an interview with Thornton Wilder that appeared in the winter issue.

Paris Review: Do you feel that you were born in a place and at a time, and to a family all of which combined favorably to shape you for what you were to do?The story also shares with Lear a persistent ambivalence about where and how such justice might be perceived.

Beware though.

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All Rights Reserved. I love when a story transports me some place I've never been before. Around the Year i In the aftermath of the mysterious disappearance about a week ago of a Malaysian aircraft and its passengers, this same question must have surfaced in many troubled minds.

How could it not be a wonderful reading experience? What are some passages that stick in your mind?

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